Where is IMC located?

IMC has a office in Las Vegas as well as Costa Rica. This allows are handicapping Staff to monitor the Vegas market as well as the offshore market.

What makes IMC different then any other sports Handicapping service?

First we do not make outrageous guarantees . Secondly we will never hard sell you .If you ever hear a service tell you they have a 100% lock on a game that cannot loose, do not walk , run .
They are lying.

How do I receive my plays?

Your choice . Via are IMC website, email, text or a personal phone call. We also have a new feature. You will have direct contact with someone from are staff that will supply you with information and feedback on any event you request.Are clients love this new program from IMC.

How many selections should I expect per day?

This is a very broad question. IMC is more interested in the quality of selections not the quantity.
The best answer we can give is that the number will vary depending on the season and the schedule that day. One to five is a fair estimate.

What is the winning selection percentage for IMC ?

A handicapping service must maintain 52 .4 % to show a profit. IMC has averaged between 67% – 72% over the past 5 years

What can IMC guarantee its Clients ?

IMC guarantees the information we provide is current and accurate . Are clients do not win every selection. However as a IMC member we are confident over the seasons you will show a substantial profit. You can take that to the Bank.
Guaranteed !